1st ever blog – eek!

Right, so like many parents before me I now find that both of my children are now at school. So, what do I do now? I know, I know you probably thinking get a job, take-up a hobby, make the most of your free-time, But doing what?  I’m a fortysomething (very, early fortysomething, I’ll have you know) full-time mum/houseperson, whatever the hell you want to call me. I’m an educated woman, with a History degree, who was in the lucky position that I was able to give-up work when my children were born. But now what? Can I really spend all day doing housework, and shopping. The answer is probably yes, which is why I have decided to do this blog. Don’t really care if no-one reads it, I need an outlet for me to be me. Well, this is my first every post and I realise it is very self-indulgent and waffley. On the positive, it can only get better!


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