Something I feel I need to address

OK, so the working thing. I feel I need to explain myself. I have worked since I was 17 yrs old until I had the children. I feel quite embarrassed by the fact that I don’t work, especially as it seems society looks down on you for being a stay-at-home mum. I recently went to my bank, where the cashier tried to get me to upgrade to a ‘super-duper, all-singing and dancing, how the hell do you manage to survive without it’ account. I explained to her that I couldn’t do this as I don’t have a salary as I don’t work. She gave me such a look, it was as though she had stepped in something brown and sticky. I’m not alone in feeling like this, I have a friend who is equally ashamed of her full-time mum status. My mother-in-law tells me when she went back to work in the 1970s it was the opposite. People where critical of her for not staying at home. What has changed and why do I feel so bad about it? Perhaps, the problem is really me. I have always been proud of the fact that I worked and I know I have been guilty of looking down on non-working mothers myself. Well, I have now decided to fly the flag for non-working mums everywhere and be proud of who I am. No more muttering ‘I don’t work’ when asked. I will square-up my shoulders and announce it loudly and proudly! Right, I’m off to do the school-run and hope that someone asks.


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