God, I’m turning onto one of those mums

Well, no-one asked me if I worked or not so have not been able to proudly promote my non-working status. To be honest, haven’t really spoken to many parents; other than to say ‘hello’. I have, however, thrown myself into parental/school life in order to be a worthwhile, meaningful member of society. To be honest, have thrown myself into parental/school life as I feel obliged to as I don’t work. So, I have volunteered to help out in the classroom and enrolled for a ‘Family Learning’ course. This involves me spending 2 hours per week learning how to teach my kids english and gaining an english qualification myself. Don’t actually need the english qualification, but have to do to do the other part of the course. The most embarrassing thing was that we all had to sit an assessment test to see what level english we are at. Now, I have always prided myself on being quite good at english, so am quite nervous about the test results. I will be devastated if I haven’t done really well. Might even get a bit teary. It will serve me right if I have not done as well as I expect as I have spent many years correcting my husband’s grammar, spelling etc. Pride comes before a fall and all that! Going back to the non-working thing, I had to fill in some paperwork which asked for your current status. I looked down the list and could see nothing that said ‘homemaker’, ‘lazy sod’ or any equivalent. Read the thing again and found a box that said something like ‘Economically of working-age but not employed, self-employed, seeking work, in receipt of benefits or in education or training’. Had to read the bloody sentence about 3 times to understand it. However, I now have an alternative response when people ask me what I do. Have decided to use this and, at the very least, they will be so busy trying to understand what I have said they won’t have time to give me a disapproving look – ha!


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