Who are you kidding?

I have spent a very worthwhile day, shopping and visting the beautician. I know many would find this boring but, If only we had the income, I could quite happily do this every day! Whilst I was waiting for my appointment, I read one of those gossip magazines. Now, I would never buy one of these but I am quite happy to read one that someone else has bought. In it there was an interview with a celebrity, glamour model (I shan’t use her name as she gets enough publicity). She stated that, after the birth of her child, she ‘ballooned’ to 11 stone and was a size 12. She has now dropped back to her ‘normal’ weight of 9 stone and is a size 8. The interview also confirmed that she is 5 ft 7. Now, I’m 5 ft 6 and weight just over 9 stone myself and I am NOT a size 8. I know this girl is an inch bigger than me but she can’t be a whole 1 or 2 dress sizes smaller.  Nor, can she have been a size 12 if she was 11 stone. She is not American or lives in the US, but can she be using their dress sizes? Surley, the magazine must have realised that this wasn’t right too. I think this must be confusing and dangerous for some people who read this. ‘Look, she’s a size 8. I need to get myself down to her size and then my life will be as wonderful as hers’. Come on guys, take some responsibility for what message you are sending out. You have to promote ‘normal’ body sizes to stop young, and older, people getting hung-up on their body size and image.


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