And another thing…

Gosh, this blog was supposed to be about me exploring my confused feelings about my place in the world. Somehow, it seems to have turned into a rant at celebrity culture and irresponsible gossip mags. Not sure how that happened! Anyway, I got part of my problem of my chest with gossip mags and their reporting of celebrities’ supposed weights in my last post. However, I haven’t finished my rant yet. I have noticed that, sometimes, gossip mags print celebrities heights and weights. If you look at these heights and weights, and calculate the celebrity’s BMI you will find that many of them are underweight; if not seriously underweight. The magazines don’t print this information. I’m not sure what they want to achieve by this, but what I can say is that it is (once again) sending out misleading messages to their readers. Stop it, right now. Please give us images of healthy people or, at the very least, stress how many of the celebrities the media are obsessed with are at unhealthy weights.


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