Fitness Campaign

I have decided that, after deriding celebrities and their lifestyles, I really need to get myself into shape. I have a healthy BMI but am very, very inactive and this is no good. I was sporty at school, and did every sport going. I remember one teacher telling the class that many people gave up exercising once they had left school. I became quite indignant and was absolutely adamant that this would not be me. How wrong I was. Now, I have had the fitness bug at various times in adulthood. I have periodically been: regularly to the gym, swimming, horse-riding, walking, cycling, and attended aerobic/dance classes. I also did T’ai Chi for a while. I particularly liked T’ai Chi as its philosphy seemed to be not to push yourself too hard. If something was too strenuous, you just tried it another way! Obviously, none of these lasted and I need to find something that is right for me. It’s a real shame that sitting down isn’t a sport. Before I rush into anything, I have decided to have a ‘Healthy Heart’ check-up at my pharmacist. I’m not quite sure what this involves but, I think it is really important to check their is nothing wrong with the old ticker before I leap head first into whatever the latest fitness craze is. (It is probably Zumba, but I may be way behind on this). Also,it gives me time to put off anything too physical until next week; which is when my appointment is. I shall make the most of the next few days sitting, reclining, relaxing, and generally lazing around as a prelude to a new hardcore fitness regime.


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