Fitness Campaign Part 2

I had my healthy heart check today, at the pharmacists, and I am pleased to announce that I am healthy – hooray! Quite amazing really as I do sod all exercise. The thing I was worrying about was my cholesterol level as lots of people seem to have a problem with this as they get older.  When it got to discussing this part of the test, the pharmacist rolled her eyes and started to give me ‘the lecture’ about why high levels were a problem, and what I needed to do about it. She then bothered to look at my level (it was 2.4) and said ‘Oh, oh, I’ve never seen anyone with a level as low as that before.’ I thought ha, that’ll teach you to assume everyone you meet has a problem, There is a lesson to be learnt there, missus. She did, however, give me a telling-off for my distinct lack of physical activity. But this matters not, as I am planning to launch my fitness programme shortly and will soon have a body like Beyonce! This is of course, when I decide what I will do, Will ponder this over the weekend, whilst drinking copious amounts of wine. After all, I do have a low cholesterol level!


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