Maybe a Health Check Wasn’t the Answer

I didn’t drink copious amounts of wine at the weekend (that will be this weekend as the kids are staying at my parents). I was going to and then realised that this was not really the point of the health check. The point is to make you responsible for your own health and frighten you into making the changes you need to become fitter. I guess this can back-fire when they tell you that you are pretty healthy without doing any exercise at all. It kind of gives you carte blanche to carry on regardless. However, I have decided not to fall into this trap. With this in mind, I arranged to meet a friend for a coffee today. Now I know this doesn’t sound much like whipping myself into shape, but it is a 15 min brisk walk to the coffee shop and 15 min back. Not much, but it is a start. I also didn’t drink my usual cream-loaded deluxe hot chocolate, but opted for a much healthier glass of fresh orange juice. You have to learn to walk before you can run, right? As we were chatting, my friend said ‘Have you been to the posh charity shop yet?’ I confessed I knew nothing about said shop. ‘Oh, it’s opened as a vintage, retro thing. It’s quite popular, I believe,’ he said. Well, that was it. I had to go and see for myself. My friend came with me but left after 5 mins saying, ‘I can see you are going to be some time’. I already had an armful of garments to try on by this point. I must admit I have never been one for charity shops or vintage clothes, but I had a whale of a time. I even made a couple of purchases. When my husband got home from work later that day, he said ‘have you been buying again?’ I pointed out that he couldn’t complain as: the clothes were cheap, it was for charity and I was recycling. He conceded the argument and said, ‘you can spend as much as you like in there. In reason.’ Not sure why he felt the need to add the last bit. However, I now have the bargain-hunting, charity/vintage/retro bug and feel a monthly trip maybe in order to check out any new stock they have. It will also complement my get fit campaign as I can briskly walk there and back!


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