A lesson in obtaining the full facts before ranting

I went on the school trip, yesterday, and it was quite enjoyable. It seems that I had misunderstood the purpose of the trip. It was to choose and make a bear for the class; not to create an unhealthy longing to revisit Build-A-Bear during next week’s half-term holiday. That, it seems, is just an unfortunate by-product.

It was great to see 30 Reception kids deciding democratically which bear/animal they wanted (a rabbit), its name (Rosie), and an outfit (school uniform). This was all done good-naturedly and with great enthusiasm. It was a joy to watch and I am glad to say that my predictions of a riot failed to be realised. That is, all but one child entered happily into the process. There was one little girl who sobbed and sulked profusely as she only wanted a pink teddy. This was, of course, one of my daughters.

It seems that Rosie Rabbit’s purpose is not to languish the rest of her days sitting in the classroom. No, Rosie is set to have a much more exciting existence than that. Lucky old Rosie gets to spend each weekend with one child and his/her family. Lucky parents then get to fill in a diary of what Rosie got up to, complete with photos or drawings. I’m not knocking this idea in principle, I think it’s quite sweet. However, we all know ideas and reality can be two very different things.

I’m not sure that my kids’ schoolfriends want to know about how we slob around in our PJs until about lunchtime, the countless bickering and fighting that goes on between my girls or the incredibly obscene amount of TV we watch. Actually, it might be a good thing having Rosie to stay as it could encourage better behaviour from us all! I just hope that this doesn’t turn into a vehicle for competitive parents. I could imagine that happening with some. We all know the ones. Those whose diary entry will be entitled ‘Look at the amazingly, fantastic time Rosie had when she was with us!’ In fact, I hope Rosie doesn’t come to stay when we do have plans because it will seem a little bit like we’re showing off. Unless she comes next weekend. I’m off to see Jack White and think a photo of Rosie moshing would be dead cool. Beat that Mr & Mrs Jones!


2 thoughts on “A lesson in obtaining the full facts before ranting

  1. I’ve been told that teddy bears are better at moshing because their mass is centralized and they have no floppy ears to get caught on someone’s piercing then get torn off during a guitar riff from heaven, your daughter may have been onto something.

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