My cure for the January Blues


Poetry (Photo credit: Kimli)

The tree has been taken down, the cards are in the recycling bin, my husband is back at work, and the house is returning to some sort of normality. Hello 2013! The New Year is traditonally a time for reflection and retrospection, for making plans and setting goals for the coming year. I’ve never been one for making resolutions. To paraphrase Mary Poppins (how often do you get to do that?!) they’re pie crust promises: easily made, easliy broken.

However, pie crust promises or not, it seems a good time as any to take stock. I started this blog to start writing again. I’ve written on and off since childhood but have always found it hard to keep the momentum going. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t write can comprehend the amount of time you need to devote to it. It demands constant attention, it wants to take over your life. Unfortunately,there has always been a rival for my attention – reality. Reality dictates that I need to finish my school work and pass my exams, I need to hand in those undergraduate essays on time, I have to take a full-time job to pay the bills, and I have to feed, entertain and educate my own children.

I promised myself that when my girls started school I would this time do the writing thing properly. For the first time in my life, I actually had the time needed to devote to writing. And that was the purpose of this blog; to kickstart my imagination and it has certainly done this. I find I have ideas flying around my head, so many I don’t know where to start. Not only for my blog, but for short stories too. I also have a huge urge to write poetry. I’m not sure where this has come from. I haven’t written poetry since I was at school, and this wasn’t of my own free will.

I feel fired up, spurred on to achieve. This time it feels exciting, different somehow. But I have been here too many times before. This time I really do need it to be different. I need to achieve something; to finish those stories, to write that poem. January 2013 does need to be a time of reflection and retrospection. To consider where I lost faith before and how I will do it differently this time. I need to bite the bullet and set those goals I hate so much. So here’s to 2013 – my writing year!


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