Better late than never

English: Snowman on frozen Lake Saimaa, Puumal...
English: Snowman on frozen Lake Saimaa, Puumala, Finland Suomi: Lumiukko jäätyneellä Saimaalla Puumalassa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snow. The very word brings a smile to my face. It is truly magical to watch snowflakes falling from the heavens. To see them twirling and whirling as they make their way to earth fills me with wonder. To wake, draw back the curtains and see a blanket of snow covering my world is amazing. My surroundings take on a new appearance with bushes and skeletal trees growing new skins. The brilliance of snow reflects light in a unique way; particularly at night. Night-time in the snow is eerie. It is a place of fawns, witches and lions.

It is not only my face it brings a smile to as I can see the joy on many others’ faces too – young and old. Being the first to make footprints in the snow, making snowman and snow-angels, throwing snowballs, sledging, and catching snowflakes on your tongue all bring about laughter and happiness. Being out in the snow, even if it’s just walking in it, transports you back to your childhood. It is one of the few times in your life this happens – along with flying down a waterslide at the pool, and sneaking a go on the swings at the park. I also like the way that when the snow makes your clothes wet and soggy, it doesn’t matter. We don’t take offence at being sodden by the snow like we do the rain.

My only real gripe about snow is that it comes too late. In the UK, it is very rarely here when we really want it – at Christmas. I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen snowfall on Christmas Day. Our Christmas images are full of white, soft, fluffy snow. Cards, books and films show the indubitable link between snow and the festive season. All of this has been confusing for one of my daughters. The last two Christmases she has thought that she would wake up to see snow on Christmas Day. I have been the one who has had to dry her tears and explain that this is unlikely to happen here in East Yorkshire.

However, the recent British cold snap has brought the snow she so desired. We’ve built the snowman from the cards, been sledging as in the storybooks, and made the snow-angels from the films. When we were wet and cold to the bone, we headed back indoors with our cheeks glowing, and our fingers and toes tingling. I threw some logs onto the wood burner, got hot milk and biscuits, wrapped us up in blankets, and put on The Snowman DVD. It seems that my little girl got her dream Christmas after all.


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