The lingering festive hangover

Christmas lights 2010
Christmas lights 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is January. In fact, it is very nearly February. Spring is just around the corner (sort of). Christmas is not for another eleven months, and still I find myself making reference to it in my posts. I write about the hangover of the festive period. The one that made our stomachs swollen and our pockets empty. I write about the snow that falls wrapping everything in a soft, white Christmas magic. Why is this? I’m not thinking of Christmas 2013 as I’m really not that organised. It’s my daughters’ birthday in two days time and I haven’t yet bought their birthday cards.

January is the month of planning for the future. We make resolutions and promises to ourselves for the coming year. We start thinking about spring and summer, and where to go to for this year’s summer break. Yet, despite all that, we haven’t yet fully forgotten Christmas. It seems that all that planning and organising leaves its mark on us and we can’t quite shake off the tinsel (see, I’m at it again!).

But, no more! I’ve done writing about Christmas and I’m not going to do it again until I start my 2013 Christmas shopping – in December. Today, I’ve tidied writing about Christmas away, placed it in a box, tied it with string, and placed in the loft with the tinsel, fairy-lights and baubles. The box has a label on it which clearly says, “Do not open until December 2013. Failure to comply may result in extreme writer’s block.”


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