Where are you?

Study for The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania by...
Study for The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania by Noel Paton: fairies in Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where are you?

I stand, with my nose pressed against the glass, searching in vain for you. You should be here by now.

Where are you?

You are late. I’m waiting patiently, longingly for you to come and you’re still not here. Is it a spectacular entrance you’re after? Are you trying to be fashionably late? I hope so.

Where are you?

Last year, you teased and taunted me. You arrived very early and made me bask in your glory. And then you left, as quickly as you  came. You never came back.

Where are you?

Sometimes, I think you are here. I see you for a brief few moments and my heart soars in anticipation of what you will bring. But this is a ruse, a game, a cruel trick you play on me.

Where are you?

I watch the TV, I listen to the radio, I read the papers and surf the net trying to find signs of your return. But there aren’t any.

Please come. I miss you.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream? A Midsummer Night’s nightmare, more like. The longest day of the year has just been and gone, and where’s the sun? It was bad enough last year. Last year was appalling. Last year was the wettest summer on record. This in a country known for its wet summers. Surely, it had to be better this year, didn’t it?

I’m sick of undrawing my curtains and seeing a grey, over-cast sky. I’m fed-up with having to carry an umbrella everywhere with me ‘just in case.’ I’m cheesed-off with still having to wear jumpers and jackets. It’s supposed to be Flaming June, so please flame.

I bought some single application suncream for the girls. The idea is that you apply it once and it lasts up to eight hours. It’s very cleverly called “Once.” So far, I’ve used it once. I can’t be sure, but I don’t think this is what they meant by it.

On a more positive note, the garden is looking really wonderful. The grass is lush and green. The flowers are just beginning to bloom. It truly is beautiful. However, beautiful as it is, it’s not much use when we can’t get out there and enjoy it. Also, the grass is starting to grow out of control and the weeds are springing up gleefully and it’s too wet and miserable to do anything about it.

As the revellers welcomed the dawn at Stonehenge, I thought perhaps, maybe, if we’re lucky the sun might just come out and grace us with its presence. I was wrong. It has done nothing but piss it down with rain ever since. Actually, I’m not being fair. It’s not raining today. It is, however, grey and cold and miserable and there is definitely no need for any once only application suncream.

Where are you?!



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