Seaside rock

Sergio Pizzorno
Sergio Pizzorno (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of days ago, I went to see Kasabian at the Bridlington Spa. If you don’t know who Kasabian are (shame on you), they’re a British Rock band from Leicester. The best way to enjoy their music is to crank it up to full volume, whilst dancing like a maniac and singing at the top of your lungs. Just ask my neighbours, I’m sure they’ll agree.

If you don’t know what the Bridlington Spa is, it’s a venue that is used for a variety of different shows, concerts and gigs. And, it’s in Bridlington or Brid as it is known locally. Being an East Yorkshire girl born and bred, it never ceases to amaze me that big named bands and performers want to come to Brid. Firstly, it’s a bit off the beaten track. Secondly, it’s not exactly a hip, cool place to hang-out. It’s main claims to fame are fishing, the seaside tourist trade and the John Bull Rock factory. Oh, wait a minute. I get it now. I see where the confusion came from. Someone told Kasabian it was a rock town.

Kasabian were totally amazing. They had the whole place bouncing, moshing and throwing beer at one another. All the band’s music and lyrics are written by Sergio Pizzorno. Sergio looks like a guy who lives the rock and roll lifestyle. He looks like a guy who brushes his teeth with bourbon in a morning. Actually, he looks like a guy who brushes his teeth with bourbon in an afternoon because there is no way he’ll get up before noon. Scrap that, he looks like a guy who doesn’t go to bed before noon. He looks like a guy who…well l he looks a bit like Russell Brand.

I once heard Russell Brand describe himself as looking amazingly cool and amazingly twittish at the same time. And he’s right, there is a fine line between looking hip and looking like a fool. You just look at some  people and think, “That shouldn’t work” but it does. “If I wore that,” I often ponder. “I’d look like a complete moron.” To be honest, I’m sure I frequently do look like a complete moron. I have a bit of a schizophrenic dress-sense. Somewhere in my brain, the seed has taken hold that mixing vintage pieces with my rock-chic roots is a good look. I think it is. I’m sure most disagree with me

But there again, I’m sure that there are many that would think the senior punk-rocker I saw last week looked ridiculous. She must have been, at the very least, seventy-five. She had a red suit, black and white basque top, loads of jewellery and, the piece-de-resistance, her lip pierced. I’m sure many people saw her in Tesco’s that day and thought, “What the hell?!” I, on the other hand, thought, “Oh my god, you look amazing!” Growing old disgracefully, yes please!


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