20140911_110226It’s two days until the Colour Fun Run I’ve signed up for and, yesterday, I received my race instructions. Point two is as follows:

“The colour course will begin at 1pm, colour runners will be sent in waves of 100 people every 5 minutes – these won’t be in running number order – just in the order you arrive at the start line. Please remember this event is not a race and walking, skipping or dancing (watch out for the live music along the route) is encouraged!”

Well, it would have been nice if they had told me this five weeks ago before I stepped up my training! Reading this, I just thought, “Why the hell have I bothered pushing myself?” But, there again, pushing yourself does feel good. It does make you feel like you’re achieving something in a way a stroll or skip around the course wouldn’t. Also, I’ve managed to raise over £100 in sponsorship and I wonder if people would have been so generous in their giving if I had told them I was having a Sunday afternoon stroll around the park (which is where the course is). I don’t think they would. I feel more inclined to sponsor someone if I know pain is involved so I’m going to inflict pain on myself to make sure my sponsors get their money’s worth.  And, anyway, why are they calling it a Colour Fun Run if you’re not supposed to run?

It’s funny how our decisions to follow instructions depend on whether or not they suit us. Or is that just me? I’m not talking about important laws or life and death situations, just little ones that I filter out if they don’t seem to make sense to me. For example; I picked up my race pack on Monday which, amongst other things, had my race number in it (more mixed messages, why a race pack and number if it’s not a race?). The back of my number states “This is important, please complete the details below in BLOCK CAPITALS using waterproof biro/ballpoint ink the night before the event.”

Why the night before? Why not the morning of the event or two days before? What will happen if I don’t? What will happen if I fill it in five days before? Why is it so important the night before? How are they going to know if I don’t comply? Do they have some sort of special machine that scans your race number and sets of sirens and flashing lights if you haven’t done it the night before?

So the tiny rebel in me with a mischievous streak is going to fill it in tomorrow morning to see what’ll happen. I mean, what a silly instruction. It’s just crying out to be not followed. And this blatant disregard of the rules will result in nothing. No-one will know, except me which means a can have a secret smile to myself whilst I’m running (or attempting to run) around the course.  Unless the ink fades if you fill it in too early. Or they do have a scanner. Then I’ll be busted.






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