Blame it on Sooty

2014-09-15 10.20.10
Sweep, Sooty and Soo. Sooty has obviously had a hard life.

So, I did it! I completed my 5k Colour Fun Run in 30 mins with a combination of running and walking fast. I’m pretty pleased with that. I wasn’t first and I wasn’t last. I was somewhere in the middle which kind of sums up my life. I maybe would have been able to have run more if I hadn’t hurt my back 2 days before the big day looking for Sooty, Sweep and Soo.

Now, if you are British, you’ll know who Sooty, Sweep and Sue are. If you are not, you probably don’t have a clue and I don’t really know how to explain them. They are British icons. Three glove puppets who have entertained generations of kids with their loveable, cheeky antics. If you want to know any more than that, you’ll have to Google them or look on YouTube. Anyway, I took my daughters to see Sooty et al at Hull New Theatre the day before my race. My girls wanted to take their own version of the puppets with them  and it was when trying to find the cheeky bear and his friends (who were hiding at the bottom of the toy box, the rascals) that my back went crack and I went “argh!”

T0 be fair, it wasn’t totally Sooty’s fault. I’d hurt my back on holiday last year so bending over the toy box at a strange angle was never going to be a good idea. So I rested-up for two days and took some painkillers before setting off from the start line and I didn’t feel even a twinge in my back whilst I was running and walking. I was too concerned with the stitch in my side and my laboured breathing. I didn’t even feel it when I’d finished. I was too high on adrenalin and feel-good endorphins. Even after the high had worn off, I didn’t feel it. I was too busy enjoying listening to the live music that was part of the event and the cider that was in my hand. Only one cider. I didn’t want to spoil all my good work. I didn’t feel it when I jumped into the shower and washed all the paint off my body and the blue out of my hair (there was a lot of blue) when I got home.

When I did feel it was when I was clean, pj’d and sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine in my hand (I think I deserved it).  Then I felt it big time. It hurt. A lot. So much so that I had to lie on the floor which isn’t ideal for drinking wine. But, hey, that’s why straws were invented, isn’t it?

It kind of was like Holi. Holi with pain.
It kind of was like Holi. Holi with pain.

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