Film Premier

I have been neglecting my blog again. This is because I very ambitiously (or stupidly) signed-up to do two online courses simultaneously.

One course is covering the archaeology of the Roman Port of Portus and is fascinating.  The other course is Exploring Film-making with the National  Film & Television School no less. Now, I don’t have any ambitions to be a film-maker but I love film and thought it would be interesting to find out more about the film-making industry and process. And it has been interesting and I’ve loved participating in the course. That was until today, when I had to make a short 30 second film exploring the use of lighting.

I don’t make films. I’ve never even made one on my phone. I just stick to taking photos. My phone is full of videos though that have been made by my daughters. But these mainly consist of them singing songs from Frozen and I wasn’t sure this was what the NFTS wanted. Added to the pressure was the fact that most of the other course participants seem to be film-makers and were producing amazing 30 seconds shorts. But needs must and all that.

The first problem was getting the lighting right. I was asked to light a room

 with no natural light. It seems a pretty simple thing, put on a few lamps, torches etc and hey presto ready to go! I mean, if you can see it with the naked eye it must show up on video. But it didn’t. Not at all. And although I might have been able to say the pitch black nothingness was a reflection and symbol of modern society’s fragmented relationships, I didn’t think the NFTS would buy this.

Plan B was for my husband to bring in an industrial lamp from the garage, which lit the room alright. It lit it too much and I then had to use masses of baking paper (a tip I picked up from the course (see, I have learnt something)) to reduce the glare. Good job I like baking. It was still not right, but the best I could do with the resources and time I had.

So good to go? Well, no because I had no actors to act or read any snippet of script I’ve written in the past. What I had were  my 7-year-old twin girls who love singing Frozen songs. Well, if it ain’t broke…



Pin it!

20150205_094116Being all buoyed-up by my mini Resolutions, I decided to seek out some inspiring, but easy, recipes to make me a domestic goddess. Now, the last time I did this it involved pouring through Jamie’s & Delia’s books. But it’s the 21st century. I no longer need to damage my knees by resting a heavy, hardback book on them. All I need now is my tab and an internet connection.

The only problem with surfing the net for recipes is that you either have to print them off or fill your bookmarks up with them. But, wait a minute, there is another way. There’s Pinterest. To be honest, I’ve never bothered with Pinterest before. I’ve not felt the need to pin anything but it did seem to make saving recipes easier so I signed-up for it and started pin-ing.

But, hang on, Pinterest isn’t just good for recipes. I can also pin decorating ideas and health tips and this season’s must-have fashion items. In fact, I can spend a good hour or so pin-ing all sorts of things that would make me not just a domestic goddess but also see me have a wardrobe to die for, abs of steels, dewy skin & a house straight out of a magazine.

Ok, so the reality is that I will do nothing with these things as they are too much like hard work and if I really was that person, I would be already. But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it is fun pin-ing and I’m hooked.