Film Premier

I have been neglecting my blog again. This is because I very ambitiously (or stupidly) signed-up to do two online courses simultaneously.

One course is covering the archaeology of the Roman Port of Portus and is fascinating.  The other course is Exploring Film-making with the National  Film & Television School no less. Now, I don’t have any ambitions to be a film-maker but I love film and thought it would be interesting to find out more about the film-making industry and process. And it has been interesting and I’ve loved participating in the course. That was until today, when I had to make a short 30 second film exploring the use of lighting.

I don’t make films. I’ve never even made one on my phone. I just stick to taking photos. My phone is full of videos though that have been made by my daughters. But these mainly consist of them singing songs from Frozen and I wasn’t sure this was what the NFTS wanted. Added to the pressure was the fact that most of the other course participants seem to be film-makers and were producing amazing 30 seconds shorts. But needs must and all that.

The first problem was getting the lighting right. I was asked to light a room

 with no natural light. It seems a pretty simple thing, put on a few lamps, torches etc and hey presto ready to go! I mean, if you can see it with the naked eye it must show up on video. But it didn’t. Not at all. And although I might have been able to say the pitch black nothingness was a reflection and symbol of modern society’s fragmented relationships, I didn’t think the NFTS would buy this.

Plan B was for my husband to bring in an industrial lamp from the garage, which lit the room alright. It lit it too much and I then had to use masses of baking paper (a tip I picked up from the course (see, I have learnt something)) to reduce the glare. Good job I like baking. It was still not right, but the best I could do with the resources and time I had.

So good to go? Well, no because I had no actors to act or read any snippet of script I’ve written in the past. What I had were  my 7-year-old twin girls who love singing Frozen songs. Well, if it ain’t broke…



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